30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 24

Favorite move and what it’s about

I like a lot of movies, but a classic that I could watch over and over is The Little Mermaid. I’m sure I don’t actually have to tell any of you what it’s about. 


** Can you tell I’m getting sick of this blog challenge. Not the idea of writing on my blog everyday, but of these questions. The topics don’t seem very blog friendly, instead it feels like an on-line dating profile.

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 22

How have your changed in the past 2 years?

Two years ago this week I started a new job after being a teacher for almost 10 years. I left the classroom to work as a curriculum developer and instructional designer at an educational software company. I spent the first week feeling completely overwhelmed and thinking I would never learn everything I needed to know in order to survive in the corporate environment. Prior to that job I’d only ever worked for small businesses and non-profits, so it was eye-opening to be in a culture that was largely focused on money, yet still interested in making a difference.

So for the last two years I tried my best to understand and learn what I needed to know. Many things came quickly to me and I was promoted and viewed as a leader. But I don’t think I ever learned to play the office politics game. And that side of the business weighed heavily on me. I felt a constant struggle between doing was is right for students and teachers and the nagging feeling like I should be trying to “get ahead” some how.

In my personal life, I started writing more than I ever had before and I discovered that it was what I was meant to do. So that feeling, combined with not being crazy about my office job led me to start freelancing. It’s been about 8 weeks and it was definitely the right move.

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 21

One of your favorite TV shows.

In college I got hooked on the USA show, La Femme Nikita. I’d seen the original French movie and then the American remake and liked the premise- girl in trouble with no family to look for her, taken in and trained as a ruthless, but still maintains a sense of right and wrong and personal responsibility.  I like heroines who do villainous things, but who we still root for. The TV show extended that story line and I really loved watching it. The music in the show in also incredible– late 90s electronic and trip-hop.

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 20

How important is education?

Humans observe, listen, absorb, and react to everything around them. The processing of learning is a never-ending one. Education hones that learning and gives the human mind connections and places to store and retrieve that information. No person is an empty vessel waiting for a teacher to give them knowledge. Life is knowledge, but education can help us make sense of the input we receive. So, education is fundamentally important for social and personal reasons.

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 19

Your biggest regret in life.

I’m not much of a dweller. I tend to look forward more than look back. There are things I wish I’d done differently and things I wish hadn’t happened, but nothing that feels like a nagging regret. Ultimately I wish I’d been a better friend, daughter, and sister during my teenage years. I struggled nightly with trying to find my own way. I think it’s why I’m drawn to writing YA. Telling someone else’s story feels like I’m getting a bit of a do-over. 


30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 18

A book you could read over and over and never get sick of.

Matilda by Roald Dahl has been my favorite book since childhood. I read it multiple times growing up. As an adult I read it to my students every year just to perpetuate the love of the book. Now that I’m no longer a teacher I need to remember to read it again soon!

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 17

The highs and lows of the past year.

The highs:

My nephew Jack was born!
My family and friends are healthy
My dogs get sweeter by the day
I took a risk and started following my dreams
I learned how to reach out to others for help
I’ve been feeling better after cleaning up my diet
My writing group is still going strong
I’ve started writing a children’s book series to be published next fall
I’m still madly in love with my husband
I started a meditation practice

The lows:

Last year around this time I felt pretty sick and had to have some outpatient procedures
Root canal, ugh.
My nana was sick for a while (but she’s better now!)
Stress and anxiety were a big part of this year
I wasn’t always as diligent with exercise as I’d like to be
Negative people

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 16

I’ve gotten pretty far behind, but that doesn’t mean I can’t catch up! Expect a barrage of posts over the next few days!

Your views on mainstream music.

I’m a fan of music, in general. In college I worked at a record store and there was definitely some judgement about the kinds of music people liked, but we also played what we knew would sell. I expanded my musical interests a lot during that time. I started out think I was pretty much a punk rock girl, but I left realizing how much I admired the talent and perseverance of all musicians. Now my musical tastes range from top 40 to jazz to Cuban to electronica. I like the feeling of being in the moment with the music I’m listening to.

30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 15

15 interesting facts about yourself

Blah. This might be a struggle.

1. I didn’t have any pets growing up, but now I have two dogs who I lovelovelove.
2. My first date with my husband was to see Fantasia 2000.
3. I am starting a daily meditation practice and it is very difficult to quiet my mind.
4. I eat a mostly “real foods” diet.
5. My nephew, Jack, is adorable. I wish I was with him everyday.
6. Even though I work from home, we have a dog walker.
7. I love Pilates. I gave up a 15 year yoga practice after I got on a reformer for the first time.
8. I read anywhere between 75 and 100 books a year.
9. When I was a teacher in Los Angeles, I had the same class of kids for three years- 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. They’ll be juniors in high school this year.
10. I have 4 completely drafted manuscripts on my computer. Someday I’ll revise!
11. I worry more than I should.
12. When all those books about introverts were popular a few years ago, I finally felt like I understood myself
13. I like to get rid of “stuff.” I rarely hang onto things just because they have sentimental value.
14. I don’t like to nap.
15. I won a writing award in Kindergarten. I feel like that allows me to include “award-winning writer” in my author bios.