30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 14

Your earliest memory

This is a tough one because so often I think I remember something, but I’m really just recalling an old photo and putting my own narrative around it. One early memory I have is of sitting in circle on the rug when I was in Kindergarten. My teacher, Mrs. Burbank, would tell us to close our eyes. When we did an inflatable superhero letter person would appear in the middle of the circle. There was always a big ceremony around introducing the new letter and sound for the week. It was very exciting to see all the letter people flying around the ceiling by the windows. It’s such a great memory, especially since school held so much wonder and possibility. Learning was fun and motivating.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

There are so many beautiful places on this Earth and I’ve traveled to so few. One place I’d love to visit is Sweden. I love Nordic crime novels, mostly for their setting details. There is something so peaceful, easy-going, and natural about Sweden. I’m not sure I’d like the food or the long, cold, dark of winter, but I’d still like to visit.

30-Day Blog Challenge-Day 11

Shuffle your iPod and list the first 10 songs that play.

I like this one! Here’s the queue from my Google play account. I only listen to audio books on my iPod, so that wouldn’t be as fun.

1. Some Nights by Fun.
2. The Calculation by Regina Spektor
3. Hold on, Hold on by Neko Case
4. Just a Girl by No Doubt
5. Someone’s Daughter by Beth Orton
6. Tu Boca by Shakira
7. Easy Way Out by Elliott Smith
8. We Never Change by Coldplay
9. I’ll Remember by Madonna
10. Grillz by Nelly

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 9

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Well, this one is easy. I’d be a writer. I’d make a living with my words, my ideas, my characters, my visions. I’m so fortunate to have found my way toward this path. I’m making small steps toward making this dream come completely true. For now, I still write for other people, but at least I’m writing. Someday, I’ll write my own fiction. Someday I’ll hold my own book in my two hands.

30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 8

I’m about a week behind, so I may not be able to catch up on all my posts today, but here’s a start.

A moment you felt most satisfied with your life.

About 6 weeks ago I left a job that I thought would be my forever job. I loved what I was doing, but a lot of change, but within the company and within myself caused me to reevaluate what I wanted out of life. I started this blog to chronicle my writing life and had often said it was tough to have a full-time job and be a writer. So, after much thought and many applications, I left my job to become a freelance writer.

On my first day staying at home to write for a living, I stepped out onto the back porch with my afternoon chai latte in hand and my two beloved dogs underfoot. When I reached down to pick up the ball Lamar had dropped at my feet, I realized I was living a dream. Maybe not everyone’s dream, but my very own. I found myself in a place where I was doing the work I wanted, working from home, playing with my dogs, happily married, a wonderful family, time for friends, and time to find space in my life. It was pure satisfaction. 

30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 7

Your favorite childhood toys.

I liked dolls a lot. Barbie dolls and Jem dolls were my favorite. I would reenact my favorite movies with my dolls. Ken or Jericho would be Indian Jones and Barbie or Jem would be his love interest. My favorite Barbie was actually her Hawaiian friend, Meiko. I thought she was so beautiful and exotic with her long black hair

I also have a cardboard kitchen with plastic food items. I liked to pretend I was cooking and making dinner.

But my favorite was my bike. It gave me such freedom and was the most fun thing to do in the summer besides swim.

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 6

You Zodiac sign and if you think it fits you

I’m a Leo. In fact, my birthday was one of the reasons I started the 30-Day Blog Challenge. I wanted to get back to writing here more often and this was a good way to do it. So happy birthday to me!

Here’s all about Leo’s from astrology.com: (I’ve bolded what seems fitting)

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that these folks are also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else. It’s quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure!

It’s the Lion that symbolizes Leos, and the king (or queen) of the jungle is a most appropriate mascot, since they consider themselves the rulers of their universe (and the zodiac at that). Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and it’s this sense of their power that allows them to get things done. A Leo on your team is a good thing, since Lions are eager to see their projects through to completion. Putting these folks at the helm is a good thing, too, since the Leo-born are natural leaders. They may ruffle a few feathers along the way, however, since they can also be overbearing and somewhat autocratic. This may be in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this sign — Lions are indeed opinionated and set in their ways. That said, they are well organized, idealistic and have a knack for inspiring others.

Leo is ruled by the Sun — the center of the universe and the fuel for our being. In much the same way, Leos consider themselves indispensable and the center of the universe, and those who would tell them otherwise had better look out! Lions are outgoing, self-assured and have a tremendous zest for life. So what if the world revolves around them? There are worse role models, for sure. The Lion’s enthusiasm is boundless, and along with that comes generosity of spirit and the determination to succeed. That focus may be construed as vanity and even bossiness at times, but Lions would say ‘No way!’ and continue along their regal path. Regardless of appearance, those born under this sign can be counted on for their loyalty and sense of honor. They are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic.

The element associated with Leo is Fire. Everything about the Lion’s personality is hot, hot, hot. Those born under this sign are fearless and strong, which may be why Lions plunge in headfirst and let the chips fall where they may. Thankfully, Leos are dignified enough not to commit too many pratfalls. It’s the Lion’s unswerving courage that wins so many folks over. If you need someone to lead the charge, call a Leo — and the bigger the project, the better, since these folks love an expansive stage (and the audience that comes with it). While some would take to calling Lions status-conscious, these folks are truly warmhearted and want everyone to be happy. Hey, it’s their kingdom, and happy campers make for a perfect peace. Further, it’s the great gift of the Leo-born to be dynamic, forward-thinking and self-confident. These attributes certainly catch the attention of others, making Leos sought after by both friends and lovers. The Lion’s charms extend to all, even to the children they dearly love. Yes, the pleasure principle is paramount to the Lion, and along those lines, Leos are great at spending money. Lions can’t fathom an uncomfortable throne. Leos also enjoy trying their luck at the tables, so expect to find them living it up in Las Vegas.

Come play time, Leos are at their best. Those born under this sign enjoy fun and games both outdoors and in (and with a group), so expect to find them playing softball, hockey or a game of cards. Lions are also a natural at the gym, where they can show their stuff to a crowd. When the lights are low, the essential Lion comes to the fore, since this beast is 90 percent fun and 100 percent romantic. The Leo lover is devoted, creative and almost too hot to handle! Since Leo rules the heart and back, however, overzealous Lions may have to take a deep breath and slow down a bit. You can bet that the Lion’s home will be swaddled in royal purple and gold.

The great strengths of the Leo-born are their creativity, idealism and leadership. Lions don’t lack for ambition, either, so they’re likely to accomplish a lot — and have fun while they’re at it. Their warmth and loyalty ensures that others will enjoy the ride as well.

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 5- 1 Day Late

What are your favorite comfort foods and why?

As someone who has recently had to go gluten- and corn- free this is a tough question. The first thing that immediately comes to mind is a toasted English muffin with peanut butter. But nowadays it has to be a homemade paleo-English muffin with natural or homemade peanut or almond butter. Giving up foods that bring you comfort and have many memories attached can be a tough blow, but there are usually substitutions and ways to still enjoy the food you love. Now I eat brown rice noodles with homemade cheese sauce instead of mac’n’cheese from a blue box. I use oil and balsamic vinegar as salad dressing, instead of the bottled stuff. I eat naked tacos, just the fillings, rather than using a tortilla. I make lasagna with thinly sliced eggplant instead of the noodles.

So, things look and taste a little different in adult life. What brings me comfort is knowing that my food is fueling my body rather than inflaming and disturbing it.