YouTube Workout Challenge, Day 10 and Day 11

Gotta be quick with these two. I’m heading on a short getaway with my sweetheart tomorrow, so there’s no rest until then!

Yesterday I did Blogilates: The Ultimate Hot Body Workout for Flat Abs, Slim Inner Thighs, Perky Butt, & Toned Arms.

Verdict: What I don’t like about this video is the multiple reputations. I always feel like I’m going to get injured, especially when my form gets bad because I’m so fatigued. So I changed this up to do the work out sequence a few times in a row with few reps of each move. I like the moves, they feel like they’re working, but I had to make it my own so that I didn’t hurt myself

Today I did Blogilates: Pop Pilates, Perfect Legs Workout

Verdict: Far from perfect for me. The first round of moves were uncomfortable and not well explained by the instructor. My hips were hurting too much from very little movement, so I knew I was doing something wrong. I won’t come back to this one.


YouTube Workout Challenge, Day 7

I used to go to Zumba regularly, but haven’t been to a class in a while. I missed the dancing and the music, so I decided to do a Zumba workout on YouTube for today’s challenge.

I did: Latin Dance Fitness, Beginners 1

Verdict: Loved it! It was 4 songs, 16 minutes, lots of energy. The Instructor didn’t give any verbal cues, which was fine because i knew the moves, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner. I will definitely come back to this one.

YouTube Workout Challenge, Day 4

I did 2 cardio videos from Blogilates. I told you there’d be a lot of her stuff on this challenge. I like the workout formats– short and engaging.

First I did Pop Cardio: Heart Throbber. I’ll be honest, I did this one 4 days ago and I don’t remember many of the moves. It was just okay.

Then I did Quiet Cardio Shhhhhh! With Coach Nicole and Cassidy Ho. This video I liked. Each of the trainers did a low-ish impact move that can be done if you have downstairs neighbors. I don’t have to worry about being quiet, but I liked this format. Have each trainer teach one move and then switch to the other trainer made the workout fast and fun.

Verdict: I’d do both again, though I’d probably enjoy repeating the second one a few times more than doing both.