Putting it out there

I’ve been a reader for a long, long time. I read whatever I can get my hands on, and generally, have no shame about what that might be. I also write, though fairly secretively. As a child, I aspired to be an author. I won awards and was often praised for my writing.  When writing became a chore and an assignment, I left it behind.  I still read, but I never wrote.

Then I became a teacher. Teachers have to write. We write in front of kids, with kids, next to kids, with kids in our thoughts. We write to model writing and develop passion in youngsters. And so, the writing flame began to burn again.  Recently I took part in the Heart of Texas Writing Project at the University of Texas with Randy Bomer. The flame became an inferno. I not only reignited my love of teaching writing, but I also began to write for myself again.

Since last summer I’ve been making time to write everyday, sometimes at night, sometimes in the movie theater before the darkness falls, sometimes at the creek while my dogs are running off-leash and I should be supervising, sometimes while my 4th and 5th grade students are writing, sometimes while my husband is watching baseball, sometimes while I’m sitting near my vegetable garden and dreaming of organic tomatoes. The point is, I’ve been fitting it in.  The more I write, the more I want to write. I was struck by a creative muse and I feel inspired constantly.

My goal with this blog is to post what I’ve been working on. I won’t put full chapters out there, but I’ll post snippets. I’d love comments, critique, feedback, love, and suggestions.  I’d also like to review books and articles and other things that strike a chord.

So, thanks in advance for your help! Building a community around writing can only lead to great things!