YouTube Workout Challenge, Days 17 & 18

Well, I didn’t do any videos while I was away. I did take a few walks, but nothing too strenuous. So I’m back at it now that I’m home and in my daily routine.

Yesterday I did another Yoga with Adriene video: Travel Yoga- Morning Sequence. It felt good to stretch for about 10 minutes.

Verdict: I didn’t love this one as much as the Freedom Flow video. It was mostly sun salutations. It did feel good to get myself back to regularly scheduled work oust, though.

Today I did three videos: Pilates Beginner Reformer Workout with Kathi Ross Nash, Pilates Reformer Lower Body Workout, and Elizabeth’s Studio: Ep4: The Core Has Legs.

Verdict: I likely won’t do any of these videos again. The first one used equipment which I did not have. Also, the instructor kept saying “good girl” to the women demonstrating the workout. It was demeaning and creepy. The second video was just alright. The exercises were fine, but it was only 5 minutes. The audio in the last video was WAY too low. I couldn’t hear anything she was saying.

So the lesson I’ve learned is to stick with loud, high energy videos and I’ll be happy.

YouTube Workout Challenge, Days 13 and 14

Gotta make this a quick post. I’ve had a bit of a crazy day and I want to be sure to fit in my meditation time before starting my evening routine.

Saturday I skipped workout and ended up working all day. That didn’t feel great, so I did yoga on Sunday.

Day 13 was this Freedom Flow video which was fantastic. If you’re a writer, I highly recommend this series. There are a lot of chest opening movements, which i know I need after being slumped at my desk all day,

Day 14 was this 30 Minute Intermediate Full Body Workout by GymRa. I loved it. I’m still sweating. Just 12 reps of each exercise. Lots of glute-focused work, which I need after a long day of sitting.

Verdict: Both of these videos are keepers. The Freedom Flow video would be great to do every day or at least every other day, especially when deadlines keep me chained to my desk!

YouTube Workout Challenge, Day 6

I did yoga, which felt great. When I discovered Pilates about 5 years ago I took a long break from my yoga practice. Getting on the mat for yoga again has been a challenge, but this wonderful yoga video was well worth the struggle.

I did: Morning Yoga – Yoga with Adriene. I was gentle and fun and I would highly recommend it. I did it after a long work day. After sitting for a long time I wanted to go something gentle. This video was perfect.

Verdict: I’ll come back to this again. In fact, Adriene is local, so I might go to a class in person!